Malaysia Expatriates Online is a Malaysian portal catered to the community of expatriates in the country. A source to make yourself at home away from your own home country, this is where you can find all types of relevant information and resources to help you get around and be more accustomed to the Malaysian lifestyle. This is where we have compiled and reviewed the best place you can find education or your children, the best food the most common activities and place to indulge in your hobbies.

You will find all the references and sources that will keep you informed of all the happenings and going ons in around the country that might be of your interest. You can also provide information to other members of the community here in terms of upcoming gatherings and such.

News and latest developments provides you with daily updated and latest news from all over the world. This will ease your search for news from all over the place. At news are compiled and sourced from all over the world through online and offline media to give you first hand news and information on developments and current issues affecting the world over.


This section in provides you with the information on all the information and details on your role as an expatriate in Malaysia. This includes information on the roles and responsibilities of the various regulatory bodies and authority that oversee the welfare of expatriates in Malaysia. On top of that, this section also provides a profile of all the available foreign embassies and high commissions in the country. Explanation are provided on the roles of these missions to provide you with the information on how you can obtain their assistance as well as in what sort of circumstances.

In addition to that, this section also provides you with the information of all the schemes and incentives when working in Malaysia. For instance the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) Programme. This is a programme developed and run by the Federal Government of Malaysia that provides incentives for people from overseas to work and stay in Malaysia. Incentives like allowing a longer stay visa and to bring in their spouse and children below 18 years of age into the country are provided for in this scheme. Under this scheme, you are required to have some form of financial obligations as well as assurance in order to seek employment and residence here. Once here, you will then be able to obtain privileges like your children's education and such.

This section also provides you with the information on issues like employment rights, income tax returns and such. the governing bodies in these issues are also profiled and reviewed here to keep you informed of where to have these issues solved.

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As a member of you are part of the expatriates community in Malaysia with privileges like first hand information on promotions and discounts at selected shopping and food outlets. On top of that, you will also receive daily updates and news on your home country according to your preferences.

Food & Restaurants

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Food & Restaurants


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Lifestyle section

Education Section

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Education Section

Arts Section

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Travel & Holiday

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Holiday & Travel

Sports & Gymnasiums

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Sports & Gymnasiums

List of Contacts & Informations

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List of Contacts & Informations

Questions & Queries

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Questions & Queries

Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery
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